The legal provisions

PriCompliance carries out the legally required checks for the various Pri-services. This makes the services compliant with the most up-to-date legislation. In other words, all legal provisions are complied with.

Did you receive the request via email to do an ID check? Then download the PriCompliance app in the Apple app store or Google Play store. You log in with the same login details that you use for the PriPortal.


It is our aim to give you the best possible, personal service and to unburden you by carrying out the legally required checks of your customers carefully and in accordance with the law. We believe that being easy to reach is the basis of trust and that is why you can easily contact us through various channels. Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities!

Using PriCompliance for your business?

PriCompliance has developed a modular, innovative platform and apps with which you as a company fully comply with the increasingly strict requirements in the field of (permanent) customer control. This platform and the apps will also be made available to third parties in the near future, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Does your company also have a Wwft obligation or another legal ground on which you must carry out (permanent) customer and/or company checks? PriCompliance offers an innovative, digital total solution that saves you a lot of time (and money) and fully complies with the rules. It is also a customer-friendly, modern solution that you can offer to your customers under your own name (white label). More information will follow later.

Your data will be treated confidentially

Your data is confidential and we do everything we can to keep it as secure as possible. For example, we regularly have PEN tests carried out and we invite researchers to test the safety of our platform with a responsible disclosure. We never store data longer than necessary and all data is stored encrypted. You can therefore trust that your data is safe with us. Of course, our IT people play a big role in this, but so do you. After all, you are the one who logs in to access the PriPortal. And in addition to entering a username and password, you will have to go through an extra security step.